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Cyber Security - Threats and Budgets Growing Exponentially

Commitment to combating the ever morphing security threats across industry, not least fuelled by the high profile attacks on the likes of Sony Pictures and Home Depot, is gathering serious pace.  cyber security start-ups raised more than $1bn for the first time in a single quarter - up from $540m for the first three months of last year and almost double the same period of 2014, according to data from private company research firm PrivCo.  Four years ago, total annual funding was less than $1bn.

Women in IT Careers - The Gender Gap

The UK faces a worsening gender gap in its flourishing IT industry, according to a new study.

The Women in IT scorecard looked at gender trends from secondary education through to the work place.

It indicates women account for just 16% of the UK IT workforce.  And the problem starts early - despite consistently out-performing boys in computing A-level results, girls account for just 6.5% of those taking the exam.

Making Job Offers IT Candidates Can’t Refuse

So, you’ve found the perfect Java Developer, Technical Architect or Big Data Analyst, and furthermore the candidate has sailed through the interview process. It may feel like the hiring process is over, the critical role has been filled and you can focus elsewhere.

But the timing and approach (rights vs wrongs) to extending the job offer is crucial, particularly in a highly competitive IT job market. Do a poor job, and you may start the relationship on the wrong foot or lose the candidate to another opportunity.

Richard Wheeler Associates - Christmas Downtime

Followers of these blogs will be aware that we seriously prize ‘down time’ at Richard Wheeler Associates!  Positive down time, that is: time spent considering things other than SEO matters (ahem), or weighing up the relative merits of applicants for a software engineering  - or V-P Engineering / Product Manager / iOS Developer / smart metering, SOA or software Architect - shortlist.  And cleantech arguably being SO crucial to all our futures, we’re happy to regularly share favourite links and networks vis-à-vis the ‘Clean’ element of this word, which echo this concern (together with further poetry on this general theme):

Job Growth in UK Technology Sector Outstrips National Average

The Tech Monitor UK report has found employment in technology companies is much stronger than the UK-wide employment trend.

The new report by KPMG and Markit on the UK technology sector has used 10 years’ worth of data from the UK Tech Sector Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), up until August 2013, to identify the main UK tech clusters, job hiring trends and how confident UK tech companies are in their business outlook for the next 12 months.

Our Downtime is minimal – but Life enhancing!

Just to show that we do prize ‘down time’ at Richard Wheeler Associates, that time spent considering things other than software engineering, grappling with Hadoop, immersing ourselves in client’s growth strategies, compiling shortlists of CTOs, System Architects, J2EE specialists, preparing the ground for a Search & Selection tender, assessing the merits of one embedded C++ candidate vs another, rubbing up alongside Android, getting to grips with the latest cleantech hiring campaign, the nitty gritty of algorithm development, the merit’s/ethics of Google Glass (a step too far? Discuss)………we offer what we hope will be the first of many glimpses - of this ‘down time’:

Technology Firms Say The UK Has a 'Digital Skills Gap'

Major technology companies say they are struggling to recruit young people in the UK.  Firms such as Facebook claim they are finding a gap in skills, saying people from other countries are often better qualified.

The government says it is changing the curriculum to focus on programming.  Intellect, the UK's technology trade association, estimates that 100,000 people are needed to enter the digital sector each year.


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