Holistic IT Recruitment

Are your present recruitment strategies delivering the results your business needs? Or fast enough? Social media, tapping into known contacts, company referral scheme, online recruiting software et al may be your company’s present model. And, up to a point, it’s working-ish…!

A True Competitive Edge

However, combining these elements - and valuing what each brings - with the activities of a single, top flight recruiting partner that adds something quite different may well be the answer to your IT recruitment prayers. We’re proposing complementing what you already do. This way you hold all the cards!

Why Partner with RWA?

• We will provide you with a selection of talented candidates. We are confident you will want to talk to all of them. Yes, all of them!

• We will take time to sell the benefits of working for your company to active and passive candidates

• We will only use your preferred method of communication and never bombard you with phone calls or emails

• We will work with rigour and care to secure the best possible outcome

• Benefit from a focus on quality not quantity; we aim for a conversion rate of an offer per 2 CVs shortlisted

We are accustomed to working with tech companies located across different countries and time zones - companies looking to recruit developers that could be based anywhere. 

RWA’s fees are competitive and no higher than for a contingency recruitment service and we would argue that both clients and candidates get a better deal. 

Contact RWA now to discuss how we can partner with you to help you hire top talent.