Challenges Facing the UK IT Jobs Market

Are you surprised by the current UK technology jobs market? Advertising plus wider recruitment activities returning very few applicants?

Challenging jobs market (Spring 2021).

For those tech companies on a mission to find top software engineers, developers, data scientists or Board level executives right now, a lot of factors are in play that are making this extremely tough (to put it mildly). 

  • the talent pool - pre Brexit already small for the most in demand skills - is now measurably smaller owing to the EU settlement scheme, the decline in EU talent looking to work in the UK and complications of visas for non UK candidates;

  • the demand in the UK for such leading engineers outstrips the supply many times over, especially in London, Oxford, the M4/M3 corridor and Cambridge (so expect huge competition); 

  • the engineers most in demand are, in such uncertain times, for now happy to stay put; 

  • the contract market (although coming under some pressure in certain sectors) remains pretty strong;

  • the ongoing difficulties on the back of Covid further complicate matters. 

The effect of all of this is that recruiting for such talent is, for now at least, more difficult for everyone. 

At RWA we believe we have some answers. 

Get ahead by reaching out to RWA to chart a path through these costly, time consuming, job market realities. 

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