New Ways of Working - Hiring Remote Tech Talent

The UK IT recruitment market is becoming increasingly competitive. The recent Labour Market Outlook report by the CIPD found that the IT sector has the most roles to fill, second only to healthcare.

With tech talent in high demand across global markets, UK employers need to do everything possible to successfully attract and recruit for technical roles. This includes: an attractive proposition; effective communications; a well thought through salary and benefits package; the ability to move through the recruitment process at speed; flexibility of location.


This last point, location, is becoming increasingly important. Working from home was forced upon companies and employees at the beginning of the pandemic and everyone has had to adapt quickly. Now, as Covid restrictions are lifted, company policy on remote working / office working is developing fast and at the same time candidate preferences are emerging.

During lockdown many people set up remote working spaces at home, made changes to accommodate working from home full-time and grew used to not commuting to work. A significant proportion do not want to return to the office and have a preference for fully remote working. 

Not long ago, many employers had begun to embrace a hybrid model, perhaps requiring two or three days a week in the office. But things have moved on at speed as companies facing a highly competitive market for talented tech candidates look to offer the flexibility around remote working that these in-demand candidates are looking for.

New Remote Working Models

Examples of these new working models are:

  • Remote jobs available within defined times zones, eg. GMT +3, 
  • Remote jobs attached to office hubs in 2 or 3 different locations eg. London, Manchester or Bristol
  • Flexible remote jobs based out of one office or centre of excellence eg. Oxford office space available as and when needed
  • Jobs on a contract to start eg. 6 month contract to start, then permanent
  • Flexible UK location, eg candidate can choose office based, remote or hybrid 

Hiring Tech Talent

Of course, not everyone wants to work remotely or has the option to do so. The candidates with the most in-demand skills and qualifications – in cybersecurity, devops, cloud computing, AI & machine learning, extended reality (XR), data science, Java, Python, React, to name a few - are likely to attract multiple job offers and will be able to choose, or negotiate, the location flexibility they’re looking for.

Richard Wheeler Associates is helping clients work through the implications of hiring across different locations and time zones and putting in place new remote recruitment and on-boarding processes. 

Richard Wheeler says: "clients are responding to the demand for remote working - and the competitive market for tech candidates - to maximise the size of the talent pool available."

Take advantage of RWA’s job market expertise. We will use our specialist technology recruitment insight to provide guidance on: salary benchmarking; the size of the talent pool; most appropriate strategic routes and options; remote working and visa sponsorship for permanent hires across the UK.

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