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RWA in Top 15 Recruitment Agencies in UK

One of the top recruitment firms in the UK. YES! 

Richard Wheeler Associates is listed in the Entrepreneur Handbook as one of 15 top recruitment agencies in the UK & London.

Combining demonstrable recruitment expertise within MedTech, Cleantech, AI, Cybersecurity and the start-up community (the 5 tech sectors we’re most active in) with that precious personal touch, attention to detail, and longevity - Richard Wheeler Associates began life in the autumn of 1987. 

Board level testimonials, together with those of top flight candidates, appear throughout the website. Truly setting the Gold Standard in IT Recruitment.

What can you expect?

Fine! But what are the core benefits of partnering with RWA?

  1. We specialise in recruiting permanent hires for phenomenal startups, scale-ups and medium sized business leaders to build software teams, often from the ground up
  2. There is no upfront cost; we get paid solely in the event of successfully filling the role 
  3. Online coverage given to your opportunity across the essential job sites + our own website (including a high Google page ranking via our powerful SEO) 
  4. Candidates are fully screened - both for a technical as well as cultural fit - your time is therefore not wasted considering unsuitable candidates
  5. You will benefit from our connections and contacts database (35+ years in the making!)
  6. The company plus opportunity are represented professionally and persuasively; we focus on quality

We work with pioneering companies in London, Oxford, the Thames Valley, throughout the UK and across different countries and time zones, to hire exceptional people and build world class software development and engineering teams.

Find out more about our IT Recruitment service and our full recruitment process.