Why Join a Tech Startup?

What is it that motivates the top talent to choose a tech startup over a myriad of alternatives?

These are the most common reasons tech candidates give to RWA:

  • To be given responsibility at an earlier stage with less bureaucracy
  • The opportunity to work on a range of different challenges, ie beyond a narrow remit
  • The chance to be in at the start of a business with real potential to grow
  • To make a measurable difference to a real world product used by lots of people (“I did that!”) - in an exciting sector ripe for innovation and growth
  • To help shape, and be part of, a highly qualified, dynamic and talented team
  • Fast turnaround of decisions; highly agile as against bureaucratic
  • To develop real commercial understanding and see the bigger picture through a wide and flexible brief
  • Share options
  • Benefits which can include everything from yoga and gym membership, a tech budget, free food and drinks, to bringing your dog to work(!) and a relaxed dress code

Richard Wheeler Associates has many years of experience in working with the founders of early stage startups to recruit the critical first members of development teams. We have found startups to be more agile and more likely to be able to make a decision on the same day.

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