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software engineers at a hackathon

Rock-Star Software Engineers: Worth Their Weight in Gold?

What is the 'rock-star principle' and what's RWA's experience of hiring rock-star software engineers?
cell under a microscope

Placing the Tech in MedTech and BioTech

For Data Scientists, Back End Developers, DevOps, Deep Learning Researchers, PhD level Research Engineers…these are IT specialists we recruit 7 days a week!
3 business women sat down

Dilemma - Take a New Job or Accept a Counteroffer?

To take a new job offer and career challenge, or accept a counteroffer and stay put?  Should I stay, or….
purple blocks representing AI

The Generative AI Goldrush

We take a look at some of the prominent high-growth UK based ‘Generative AI Goldrush’ companies.
Birmingham bull and buildings

Birmingham has the Largest MedTech Cluster in UK

How has the Birmingham and West Midlands medical technology cluster grown to contribute £1.6bn to the UK economy?
profile picture of Joel Spolsky

The Joel Test

What is The Joel Test and how valuable is it in 2024?