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Richard Wheeler Associates Celebrates 35 Years

Founded by Richard Wheeler in the autumn of 1987, RWA delivers search and selection expertise and partners with world class technology companies.
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Climate Tech Startup Investment

Climate tech markets have shown resilience against a background of war in Europe, inflation, and turbulence in the capital markets.
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CleanTech Investment Continues To Grow

There are signs of progress in the UK CleanTech market as the number and value of deals continues to grow.
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IoT - Device Security and Data Privacy

The Internet of Things is connecting more devices every day. This creates more entry points for hackers and leaves sensitive information vulnerable.
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Cyber Security - The New Threat Landscape

The massive number of new remote workers we now see globally brings with it many security issues.
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The Rise of Silicon Gorge Deep Tech

The South West region is emerging as a hub for deep tech investment, named Silicon Gorge after the Avon Gorge and Silicon Valley in California.