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A big welcome to the tech Venture Capital community. This resource page is designed to provide you with a succinct synopsis on how RWA can make a material difference to fledgling tech start-ups needing to grow - and grow fast.

Our experience covers specialist tech recruitment for:

  • university spin outs

  • founders with no experience of recruitment

  • start-ups based overseas looking to recruit for a new UK base

  • fully remote and hybrid remote startups

  • startup founders who have been historically reluctant to work with a recruiter

  • the business defining 3rd, 4th, 5th employee

With over 34 years in business, RWA has a deep understanding of the dynamic culture and commercial demands within the pre-seed and seed investment stage startup community. And equally, scaleups with their own unique growth demands.

Your portfolio companies will benefit from recruitment advice and guidance from an experienced specialist tech recruitment consultancy with the tools, nous, humility and desire to get this right.

Recruitment Partnerships

RWA brings added value and complements internal recruitment activities without risk.

We believe in quality: creating partnerships with early-stage companies with strong growth potential, identifying talented and highly motivated people, building software teams from the ground up and helping tech investors and entrepreneurs to grow startups at speed.

Sectors we have worked in include:

  • CleanTech

  • Artificial Intelligence / Data Science

  • MedTech

  • HealthTech

  • Deep Tech

  • Cyber Security

Here's how we get it right, and what our clients can expect: our recruitment process.

RWA has its roots in technology Search & Selection: rigorous screening and interviewing are the backbone to the extreme value we bring to clients. 

We aim for a job offer per 2 candidates shortlisted.

Draw confidence from aligning with a top performer - RWA gains a 2022 UK Top 15 recruiter listing in the Entrepreneur Handbook.


Venture Capital Testimonials

Richard Wheeler Associates Celebrates 35 Years

Yes indeed! It really has been a journey. Some reflections from Richard Wheeler:

Q: What was the mission of RWA when you started the business in 1987 and has this changed? 

From the outset RWA’s business model has been about identifying standout people for standout tech companies - through focusing on extreme quality and, in doing so, forging long term partnerships. Has this changed? No!

Q: How has the recruitment process evolved for both candidates and companies in this permanent tech recruitment space?

Placing the Tech in MedTech and BioTech

A strong growth in market interest in medical technology (MedTech) and biotechnology (Biotech) companies, driven by an ageing population, a global pandemic and increased healthcare spending, has seen the UK leading the way in the development of: medical devices; diagnostics and monitoring software; digital health tech; pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and genomics.

Now is the Time to Partner with a Top IT Recruiter

Approaching 35 years in IT recruitment at Richard Wheeler Associates, such longevity has been built on extreme quality twinned with a focus on offering employers tailored recruitment solutions to complement what you already do. Adding the power of considerable in-house SEO investment (YES we will attract new names to your hiring project) together with a client focus on quality that aims for ‘an offer for every two CVs shortlisted’.

New UK Work Visa Open to World’s Top Graduates

Graduates from the top 50 non-UK universities can apply to come to the UK through a new visa scheme.

The Government hopes its “high potential individual” route, which launches on Monday May 30, will attract the “brightest and best”, at the beginning of their careers, to come and work in the UK.

The visa will allow eligible individuals to come to the UK without a prior job offer, and dependants will be allowed to accompany them.

Successful applicants with a Bachelor’s or Masters will be given a two-year work visa, while PhD-holders can apply for a three-year visa.

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