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10 Advantages of Working for a Tech Startup

What are the benefits for candidates to joining a tech start-up?

Startups are unable to compete with the tech giants on material benefits and need to emphasise their unique advantages to attract top talent.  What are the benefits for candidates to joining a tech start-up?

These are our top 10:

  1. The people you work with will be some of the smartest you have ever met
  2. You will be an important member of the team and your ideas and input will make a measurable difference
  3. You will gain vast experience and exposure regardless of how much you have when you join
  4. If you have the capacity to learn (and learn fast) there is no better place to be than a company with the potential for rapid growth
  5. You will be a part of a tight knit workforce and collaborative tech startup culture with all the fun and sense of pride and achievement that entails
  6. Startups have less bureaucracy due to a relatively flat organisational structure which will allow your ideas to be progressed rapidly
  7. You are much more likely to know exactly how you are making a difference and affecting the success of the company
  8. Jam tomorrow.  Joining a startup pre IPO could - just could - make you seriously rich!
  9. ‘See the world’!  We don’t necessarily mean globally, but in business terms how and why things happen; working closely with BA’s, Marketing, Pre- and Post-Sales etc will provide this valuable insight
  10. Tech startups regularly create openings that hitherto didn’t exist; in short, they’re business savvy and flexible enough to recruit Top Talent when they come across it. YOU?!  

Richard Wheeler Associates has partnered with a whole range of UK startup companies, many in London and Oxford.

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