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Our Process

Know exactly what to expect when you work with us. These are the 9 stages in our IT recruitment process for permanent hires.

Recruitment Process Steps


The first step in any recruitment activity is to understand the brief. This will involve a meeting or in depth phone discussion to go through a job description, learn more about the skills required, the culture, background and reasons for the new hire, the company’s wider plans and the team the new hire will be joining.

Job Market Expertise

We will use our specialist technology recruitment insight to provide guidance on: salary benchmarking; the size of the talent pool; most appropriate strategic routes and options; remote working and visa sponsorship for permanent hires across the UK.

Talent Search

With a background in IT search & selection we will use headhunter recruiting tools to search for qualified talent across different channels. Too, we’ll use our network of contacts, game changing website SEO and traditional advertising on Google, Indeed, LinkedIn and niche job boards to source candidates for the role.

Candidate Selection

We are experts in thoroughly qualifying every candidate over the phone, clearly communicating the details of a job to ensure candidates are screened and fully briefed. We value data privacy and are committed to maintaining trust and confidence - we will always gain consent before sharing a CV or any personal data.

Candidate Shortlist

Candidates who meet or exceed the job requirements are shortlisted using an applicant tracking system or preferred method of communication. CVs and wider background information - circumstances, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses - are shared in the form of an addendum.

Interview Arrangements

We’re confident that all (yes ALL!) shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview. We’ll make interview technical test arrangements and keep all candidates updated.

Job Offer & Negotiation

Deciding to make or accept a job offer is often the beginning of a negotiation process on salary, working from home, hours, start date etc. We have 30 years’ expertise in facilitating job offer negotiation to ensure that the best possible outcomes are reached.

On Boarding

We recruit the top tech talent so it is not surprising that a new hire may receive a counteroffer from a current employer, or will be approached about other opportunities after resigning. We know it is important to keep in contact up to the start date.

Recruitment Guarantee

We offer a recruitment guarantee covering the first 6 months of employment.