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Technology Recruitment Trends

What are the technology recruitment trends that will help recruiters and employers hire tech talent in 2024?
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RWA in Top 15 Recruitment Agencies in UK

Richard Wheeler Associates is listed in the Entrepreneur Handbook as one of the top 15 recruitment agencies in the UK in 2024.
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EU Artificial Intelligence Act

The Artificial Intelligence Act aims to protect “fundamental rights, democracy, the rule of law and environmental sustainability” from “high-risk” AI
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Microsoft AI London

Microsoft has announced plans to build a new artificial intelligence (AI) hub in London. The move forms part of Microsoft’s £2.5 billion investment proposals for the UK.
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AI Regulation

Considering the drive to regulate AI, it is important to weigh up which approaches to regulation are feasible.
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Tech Labour Market Update 2024

Tech labour market challenges - compensation is now at the top of the agenda for European tech companies.