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Placing the Tech in MedTech and BioTech

Tech recruitment within UK MedTech and Biotech companies

A strong growth in market interest in medical technology (MedTech) and biotechnology (Biotech) companies, driven by an ageing population, a global pandemic and increased healthcare spending, has seen the UK leading the way in the development of: medical devices; diagnostics and monitoring software; digital health tech; pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and genomics.

Tech recruitment within MedTech and Biotech

This trend has seen MedTech and Biotech companies latch on to RWA’s 30+ year track record in software engineering / IT recruitment, twinned with our sector expertise in AI & Data analytics and with startups and scaleups.

Our transferrable experience has proved valuable to tech companies working across Medtech and Biotech with a desire to harness the contacts and knowledge of an engineering-led hiring Consultancy able to tap into connections, candidate assessment and deliver time saving expertise. 

Businesses working in the Cleantech, Cyber Security and AI sectors have traditionally made similar decisions to partner with RWA for their technology recruitment.

For Data Scientists, Back End Developers, DevOps, Deep Learning Researchers, PhD level Research Engineers…these are IT specialists we recruit 7 days a week! It is all we do!

Our aim is for an offer for every 2 CVs shortlisted. 

For the type of technology roles we specialise in please review our work throughout or contact us to find out more.

Richard Wheeler Associates: placing the Tech in Med, the Tech in Bio.