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AI Signposts the Future

AI offers the potential for companies to build resilience into manufacturing operations and supply chains.
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Scam WhatsApp Messages Claiming To Be From RWA

Richard Wheeler Associates has received reports from people who have received WhatsApp messages claiming to be from us.
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5G - the Potential to Transform Digital Healthcare

From supporting telemedicine and remote care to enabling real-time remote monitoring and AI systems, there are numerous ways in which 5G can help deliver more personalised healthcare.
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Generative AI Online Safety

Insights by Bertie Vidgen (Former CEO & co-founder of Rewire; Former advisor to UK Govt and Researcher at Turing) on generative AI and online safety.
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Women In Tech

Further to National Women’s Day on the 8th March, RWA delves into statistics to find that women are a minority in modern day tech.
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The Future for Smart Cities

With a global population explosion underway and increasing numbers of people migrating to urban centres, some argue that cities will have to get smarter or face collapse.